Our Guarantee

Ezra Arthur


We stand 100% behind the things we make. While leather is a natural material that will change with time and usage, our designs and construction are intended to last a lifetime. Should the stitching on your product break, rip or loosen, please send it back to us for repair or replacement at anytime. To properly care for your new purchase, please review the below guidelines.

Using a damp cloth, build a light lather with a small amount of a gentle soap. Lightly rub the damp cloth on the leather. Wipe away the lather without getting the leather wet. Polish with a dry towel and finish by treating with a mild leather conditioner.

With a damp cloth, rub saddle soap into the leather, working it into a light lather. Wipe away the lather and air dry the leather. Finish by oiling with a preservative such as mink oil.

Protect newly purchased suede with a water resistant spray. Keep suede away from water and other stains. Remove oils by rubbing talcum powder or cornmeal directly on the spot. Brush off after a few hours and repeat if necessary.

In our workshop we use Armstrong’s All Natural™ brand products for finishing and refurbishing our leather carry goods. During the life of your product, treat the leather with a quality oil, wax or soap following the instructions above. These quality products are made in the USA and are what we recommend for up-keeping your treasured keepsake.